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In my opinion, the point isn't about knowing how, but about being able to forget what you know.

Creation process

In a state of total presence, I openly welcome the note of the moment in the range of the different states of being. It the only way for a right gesture to spring, which does not proceed neither from my will nor from my knowledge, something new (at least for me): the trace of the upheavals of the living.
The tool, the technique, the gesture, the color or its absence, and the format as well all combine to reflect whats in me while working.
Although very simple in principle, this attitude leads me to experience in a sometimes stinging way the difference between the actions commanded by the ego, doomed to failure, and active abandonment in the ocean of the moment, where it is no longer a question of representing, but of presenting what is.



Writing, the reflective side of painting.

  • texts produced "at work", on the spot
    • "Notes" section of the blog (in french)


What other peoples say about my work