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Who am I?

In two words

Creation lover.

More than art, a word that I am wary of, I love creation, its processes, the infinite ways in which it allows us to see the world, and to observe in mirror the particularities of human condition.



Since 2013, only devoted to artistic creation.
Exhibitions in Switzerland, Paris, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Paca, Germany. Performances.
Works belonging to numerous private collections in Europe and United States.
Previously: visual arts teacher, co-founder of a course leading to HEAD Geneva, freelance graphic designer, facilitator in expression workshops, adult trainer.

Affiliations Currently: Maison des Artistes, France. Previously: Visarte lien externe member, in the Geneva section lien externe, Switzerland.
Additional Music, shows, street shows and installations.
Education Scientific baccalaureate, Preparatory class of Arts Décoratifs, Master in Arts at HEAD Geneva (Beaux-Arts / ESAV)

In progress

En permanence Works part of the Pinacothèque lien externe collection, Geneva – see my pieces shown in this collection lien externe
At my studio Recent works, works in progress, welcome to my studio.

Previous exhibitions

28.8 – 30.9.19 Espace Liberté Gallery, Crest, Drôme, France - Paintings, inks, charcoal. Personal and performance.
19.10 – 5.11.17 Le Temple, Venterol, Drôme, France - Watercolors, inks and giant charcoal drawing. Personal
13 – 17.7.17 AUTrE Ville, artists' route in the medieval city of Vaison-la-Romaine, Vaucluse, France - Paintings and inks.
5.4. – 1.5.2017 Terres d'Ecritures Gallery, Grignan, Drôme, France - Paintings, inks and Leporellos. Duo with Akashi Murakami, ceramic sculptures
10 et 11 2016 Lithography workshop Clot, Bramsen et Georges lien externe, Paris – Creation and printing of a lithograph
3 – 16.9.2016 Cathedral of the medieval town of Vaison-la-Romaine, Vaucluse, France - Very large formats of leproellos, India ink and wash on Arches paper. Duet with Patricia Meffre, ceramic sculptures
19.9– 11.10.2015 « Caillou scissors sheet », La Pinacothèque, Geneva, Switzerland - Assemblage. Collective
17 – 30.8.2015 « Interiorites », Espace Roumanille, Nyons, Drôme, France - Paintings. Duet with Christine L'Eplattenier, textile volumes
28.6 – 30.8.2015 « 9 artists for a summer at Terres d'Écritures », Terres d'Écritures Gallery  lien externe, Grignan, Drôme, France  – Peintures. Collective
3 – 14.2.2015 « 6 Shades of Grey », a proposal by Artémis Contemporary Art, Espace Vaucluse, Avignon, France - Paintings. Collective
16 – 23.2.2015 « Intimate Landscapes », hanging of the works selected for the competition, Galerie la Ralentie, Paris 11th - Painting. Collective
Annually Annual exhibitions of works in the Pinacothèque collection, Geneva, Switzerland - 2 paintings belonging to the Pinacothèque collection. Collectives
12.10 – 13.11.2011 « Unwillingness », La Pinacothèque, Geneva, Switzerland – Paintings. Personal
4 – 21.11.2010 « Along ink », Galerie Arcade Chausse-Coq - Drawings and mixed media. Personal
3.9.10 – 3.10.2010 « Know-how: laissez-faire », Allevard, Isère, France – Drawings and mixed media. Collective
Previously Galerie Palud n ° 1, Lausanne, Switzerland - Sound installations. Personal; L'Usine, Geneva, Switzerland - Volumes, Collective; Galerie Arcade Chausse-Coq, Geneva, Switzerland - Drawings, engravings, Personnelle, collective; Saint-Gervais, Geneva, Switzerland - Engravings, lithographs. Personal.

Press kits

  La Pinacothèque lien externe Geneva, Switzerland
  Savoir-faire, laisser-faire lien externe Allevard, Isère, France

Art Fairs

12 – 16.5.2016 Sm'Art, Aix-en-Provence, France
With ArtVista: 
2017, 2018, 2019 Affordable Art Fair, Bruxelles, Belgium
2016, 2017 STAR'T Strasbourg, France
2015, 2016 ArtElysées, Paris, France
2015 ArtKöln, Cologne, Germany
2015 Affordable Art Fair, Maastricht, Holland


13.9.2019 « From you to me», Espace Liberté Gallery, Crest, Drôme, France – Ink and wash, pencils, sound space. Personnelle
16.6.2013 « Disheveled dialogues », Baz'Art 2013 festival, Geneva, Switzerland - Watercolors and chalks. Duet with Sylvie Zahnd, voice, sound effects
2.6.2013 « Dialogues et Conversations », Paul K, Geneva, Switzerland – Charcoals, watercolor chalks. 2 duets with Jesús Espinosa, double bass, then with Sylvie Zahnd, voice, sound effects

Various ephemeral artistic interventions, performances, shows, street shows, various places, Geneva, Switzerland and surroundings. Collectives



2012 – 2015 Coaltar (online literary and artistic review) - Article about my work, illustrated with my inks
Spring 2011 Diptyque N ° 1 (literary and artistic paper review), Number 1 « Interior lights » – 2 interior pages (1 ink and 1 text)
Automn 2010 Diptyque, N°2 « The share of shadow » – 1 ink on the cover, and 4 inside pages (one of my texts, inks)

Public interventions
12.12.2011Forum Meyrin lien externe, Geneva, Switzerland – Participation in the debate « Art, between private property and public property lien externe » organized by the Pinacothèque, Geneva, Switzerland. In the company of a person in charge of the Pinacothèque and an art critic journalist. Instead of the artist originally invited.
18.9.2010Public interview, Allevard, Isère, France – Chat with the public about artistic creation processes.